Sunday, March 20, 2005

imac1983: made some tea earlier....loose leaf tea
imac1983: and had no idea how much to actually use
imac1983: so, made a cup of hot tea from that
imac1983: took a sip, said holy shit that's strong
imac1983: mind you, I can drink gin and scotch straight from the bottle without any issue
imac1983: had to dilute 4 times before it was tolerable
imac1983: and realistically, it's probably sent me on a caffeine rush the likes that humanity has ne'er before seen
luckyduck756: and you teach our youth

An incompetent waiter, plenty of queso and Kim marking on Ian with a green marker (that he still had from grading his students' papers) made for much fun. That's something that never ceases to amaze me: Ian, our furry Scotsman, the guy I've seen drink gin straight from the bottle and complain about not being able to feel his face while owning us all in Halo, is educating our youth. God help us.

Methinks that I shall hear that till the end of my days.....badass.