Thursday, April 15, 2004

Sometimes I really hate dealing with offices at UH. Today, stood in line at E. Cullen for 30 minutes...only to be told that I couldn't pay in cash (this is the only fee this applies to) and that I had to come back. Retarded.

And, at the Education College, the woman told me that my reservation for a review session had to be turned in to a different office. Ok, fair enough. Except...
Me: "Where do I take it?"
Her: "Next to the Hilton."
"Ok, what building next to the Hilton?"
"The one to the right."
".....Does it have a name?"
"I'm not sure..."
"Is it in the park? Ok, what does it look like?"
"Well, go by the fountain and go to the right."
"So, I go by the fountain and turn right....and enter the Hilton?"
"So it's the Hilton I turn it in to."
"Not a different building?"

So yeah, she's stupider than Jason slamming his head in the drawer, Heather falling from the ceiling, and Moochie.

In other news, finished applying for a job at MadScience...pays 17 an hour for doing demos of science stuffs to kids. Heaven for me.

Easter candy on sale is also heaven for me. I loves me some Dove truffle eggs.


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