Tuesday, April 13, 2004

So, April sucks. Nothing like having 50 bajillion projects and papers due in just a couple of weeks. Crazy.

Anyways, some news...got an A+ on graduate midterm, yay! That thing made me nervous as hell, yet I did great. Good stuff. Also, found out that I am going to be able to apply for an internship for next spring. This means 1. No 8-5, M-F volunteering for student teaching. Instead, I get paid full time teacher money. Not all that much in the grand scheme of things, but still, it's 36,500 per year. Which I might be making in like 6 months. Sweetness. 2. I get my own classroom, instead of being placed with someone that could very well annoy the hell out of me. 3. No need for extra job. 4. Will be able to get another course waived off of degree plan. Overall badassness.

Speaking of badass, the Alamo had many. Nice, beautiful, white flowing sideburns. Just like Brittnee loves and wants me to have. And they had a piper.

Speaking of Brittnee, apartments will kick ass. Think we're going to put Parag in a closet and use his room for Halo. All have to come often.

Feels odd that I'll be 21 in a few weeks.

Don't want to do case study, hence procrastination here.

Miss Brittnee. But not for long. :)


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