Saturday, April 17, 2004

Anyone who knows me knows that I desperately try to deny my hickness. I claim that Brittnee is more hick than me because of her cotton farms (probably not as bad as chickens). I lament the number of trailer parks in Channelview. But, since I will never be able to get away from it, it is all in vain. Why? Because today I needed some good studying music. Did I choose classical? Kinda boring today. Rock? Too loud. When is rock too loud? Retarded. Some good ol' Cee-Lo? Not in the mood for it. So what do I turn to, and inevitably enjoy immensely?

Yep. Country. A good mix of George Strait, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, John Anderson, Garth Brooks, Shake Russell, Pat Green, and Robert Earl Keen. It made me crazy happy, and rather at peace in my dorm room.

I hate being a hick, but sometimes it's so good.


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