Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I feel as if I am missing something. Brittnee is one, obviously....the other thing is badassness. I need to be a badass. Yet, my entire nature is predisposed to nonbadassness. When I had the sideburns, things were good...they were like Mario and his mushrooms. Yet now that I have no sideburns, my badassness is quickly dissipating...I try to be badass, so I listen to Rob Zombie and such, going crazy...and washing dishes. See? Dishes aren't badass. Kellie says that driving fast would make me a badass, yet this requirement is 100 mph! Which scares the crap out of me. Another idea gone bad. Another thing that doesn't help: chickens. Grrr. Meh! I need to be a badass! Yet the cards seem stacked against me...


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