Wednesday, October 29, 2003

So just wondering...I was playing Halo online tonight, and the guy I was playing against guessed where my email name, gothmog, came from. Just knew exactly where I had gotten, just wondering, how many of you know where Gothmog is from? Also, watching Parag trying to twist off the cap of the honey bear is funny...seeing as it is a snap on.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

An intriguing quote from my friend Brandon...."I look like I just gave a blowjob to a Carebear." This makes my brain hurt....and twists up some damn good memories of that Carebear shine. I think the raccoon was the best.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Some things that I found whilst studying for my test in Ed Psych that I feel damn strongly about.....

The purpose of schools should be to educate children, not to test, sort, and control them. In order to do this, we should learn how children think, develop, and learn. Are we perfect? Why is it that as soon as a student has troubles, it is immediately their fault? Is it moral to say the child has a disease every time we fail to teach them? We need to remember that each child is an individual, and that it is our responsibility to educate each and every one of them, not just to the average, middle of the road student.

And that is my rant for today.

So today something happens....I go to the store, end up getting HEB brand Cream soda. 88 cents. Woohoo! All thinking that I have a good deal and stuff (all HEB sodas were 88 cents for 6), come back here and start drinking me one. So then I call Brittnee. And apparently she has gone to the store, found the EXACT SAME soda, and is on the other end drinking it. We hardly ever drink cream soda. Or buy the HEB brand ones. Or drink it at the same time. There could have been a dozen other flavors she could have chosen, yet we get the same one. I'm telling you, this is so, so very weird...but very cute as well. Just like she'll randomly call right whenever I'm walking through the door...I love you, honey!