Saturday, September 20, 2003

Awesome! Today, UH won the football game against Missississppi State 42-35. Scored an 80 yard touchdown on the first play, and never looked back. And, to top it off, it started to rain right in the last seconds....beautiful! God loves UH! :) And it was really cool walking back to the dorms, shirt off, rain pouring down....Loved it! And to think I almost didn't go. Oh well, we're 3-1!!! Now to the two things on my mind....first, after the game, what do I do? Do I go with all the other guys to Hooters? No. I come back here and shower. Do I just shower? No. I also turn on loud, loud happy bagpipes and other celtic music. And then do teacher work, dishes, and eat soup. Dishes! While everyone else is at Hooters! Wow. Brittnee makes fun of me for this, saying she has no training whatsoever to do. I am so whipped! Such a girly man....Oh well. It makes me happy! And second, a really funny thought that was in my head that I hope noone talks me into. For the next home game, wouldn't it be freakin' hilarious if I went in a red speedo and painted my whole body red with it? It would probably put me down in Bleacher Creature history....But I don't think I have the balls to do it. Yet it would be so, so funny....


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